29 May 2009

Interviews with Volvo EESE managers

I got a link to a web clip with an interview with my manager Hans Alminger on automotive software modelling from the Electronica Automotive Conference 2008. A bit late, but anyway...

A very recent interview with Hans' (and therefore also my) boss Lennart Lundh can be read in the latest issue of Automotive Engineer on integrating functionality in fewer and bigger ECUs. It does not get hotter of the presses than this...

28 May 2009

Student Presentation on Software Architecture

This post is the next episode in the series of "Software Architecture Basics".

I found the following presentation made by some of the students of the Software Engineering & Management at the IT University. I'm impressed that they managed to boil down almost a full course to a single presentation with a rather light touch (yes, there are some technical details that could be discussed, but nevertheless).
I wish I could take credit for being their teacher, but I only gave a single lecture in their architecture course.

Software Architecture Presentation

6 May 2009

The architecture of Lego

Some years ago I was asked to explain the concept of a product line architecture for some students that had not heard of the concept before. They were not very familiar with terminology used in the field of software architecture either so I had to do it on a basic level.

I decided to use an example outside of the software domain, namely the Danish toy system of Lego, since everybody in Sweden played with Lego as a kid. I guess the example looses it's pedagogical value if the audience has not seen Lego.

I did some revere engineering to identify architectural strategies and quality attributes. Pictures in the presentation are stolen from unknown internet sites...