21 November 2011

More on-line lectures on software architecture

I was discussing with one of my colleagues at the department if there were any introductory or summary presentations on-line about software architecture. I have already listed some on-line lectures about software archtiecture in the blog, but a quick search revelad some interesting ones:

18 November 2011

MeeGo is out, what is in?

There has been some turmoil in the world of infotainment platforms. Intel has left Meego and have partnered with Samsung in Tizen. This just a few months after Meego 1.2 vas deemed GENIVI compliant. I have no idea if Tizen aims to be GENIVI compliant as well. But there are already some commercial platforms that are GENIVI compliant.

I have been involved in the Open Infotainment Labs, a project patially funded by VINNOVA aiming att evaluating radically different work methods compared to standard practice at most car manufacturers. We integrated the system in a car this week, 16 weeks after start of development.

14 November 2011

AUTOSAR as open source

This might be the coolest thing I have seen so far: There exist an open source distributions of AUTOSAR!
And it's local to us here in Gothenburg, should I be embarassed for not hearing about this earlier?

Caveat: Note that if you intend to use AUTOSAR in a business setting you need to fulfill the conditions according to the AUTOSAR consortium.
After some e-mail exchange I now know that the open source AUTOSAR BSW software (ver 3.1) is available under a GPLv2-license.