28 January 2009

AUTOSAR lecture

I have been asked by prof. Martin Törngren if I could be a guest lecturer in a course about AUTOSAR at the Royal Institute of Technology.
Sounds really interesting, since I hope to also participate in other parts of the course besides my own lectures. But it is also challenging since the first occasion is already on 9-10 February and I have no material prepared. I need to discuss this with my supervisor before I make a commitment.


Anonymous said...

it would be great if you posted the presentation that you'd give

Ulrik said...

Of course!

I am discussing with Martin and my supervisor exactly what I should talk about, and how many lectures...

Ajay Murthy said...

Hi Ulrik,
Great to see your blog on AUTOSAR,
I understand that the standard is very vast. I've few queries on AUTOSAR, i've raised the same as a blog "http://autosared.blogspot.com/", I would appreciate your comments towards my queries.
Thanks in advance !
Ajay Murthy