9 October 2009

Architecture Smell

There is an "established" term called Code Smell, which is an indicatin/symptom that the code should be re-factored (or at least be considered for re-factoring).
I am curious if there are similar Architecture Smells that are symptoms that the architecture is deteriorating. Could these be indicators to see if the system should be re-engineered to the original architecture or even if the architecture should be updated or maybe replaced.

At the WICSA conference I heard Olaf Zimmerman state that one architecture smell for a large system would be if it did not have some kind of layered structure.

For a layered architecture I would say one smell is if there are an increasing number of design dependencies between components in each layer that does not follow the layered principle (i.e. there is a strict dependency from upper to lower layer).

As a comparison one can look at the following lists of Code Smells:
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