7 October 2010

On plagiarism and referencing

In the architecture course I'm involved in several groups failed the hand-ins due to insufficient referencing when using material from other sources. In academic writing it is allowed, and even encouraged, to base your writing on data from other sources so this in itself is not wrong, but it must be done according to strict academic standards
Worst case: Incorrect or omitted references is plagiarism, which is a serious academic crime that can lead to suspension from the university.

We will arrange a workshop for all 2nd year students on Wednesday 12 October 11:00 since this is a vital skill in all courses and the thesis projects. But in the meantime I suggested they should take a look at the following introductory material:
The students don't need to use any specific style of references (Harvard, IEEE, APA, Chicago, etc) as long as they are consistent.

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