28 September 2011

The angry programmer?

My wife thinks I should start another blog named "Ulriks programming nightmares". Or maybe just add another topic of this blog where I mention examples of programmed systems that aren't good. Or to be more precise, where the programmer was too lazy to do a good job, which really gets me going. Unfortunately I get upset when I see it among the students which is a bit harsh, they are here to learn after all.
The examples I have seen so far is everything from the logic of the elevators at the university to how the booking system of SJ places people at a train. Seriously, if there are 3 reserved seats in a wagon, why must two of them be next to each other?
Enough ranting, but is this a good idea to expand the topic of the blog with? Coming to think of it, there must already be sites like that out there. If not there should be, it is always more educational to learn from bad examples than good.


nva said...

Firstly, good to see you back to blogging after a brief hiatus.

I think it is good to expand the topic of this blog with examples of how bad implementation/programming can impact scalability of the system. Scaleability of system is often considered as an architectural concern, but badly programmed/designed parts can ruin even a good architecture. I recently experienced one such instance where a layer of SW was so designed that it didnt leave any architectural freedom! so had to be completely re-written.

Software Development India said...

I think you should continue blogging on such topics, you are right that a people can learn better from bad examples than to good. We will get some idea where the most people are going wrong and where exactly the problem lies.