19 December 2008

ABB software Architecture Workshop

I visited the yearly ABB Software Architecture Workshop in Västerås on December 16. Very interesting with a good mix of people from industry and academia. I hope I'll get invited next year again.

One of the most interesting presentation, at least for me also working in automotive, was from Scania and how they worked with product line architectures. The approach they had to working with electrical architectures was quite different from Volvo Cars even though we are both working in the automotive sector. This only shows how important the business decisions and company culture are and the necessity to adapt the architecture in order for it to be successful in a company. Since Scania already had a product line approach for the mechanical parts of a truck it was very easy for them to have a similar approach in the electrical system

I held a short presentation about standardised software architecture in the automotive industry. It generated a lot of questions and discussions among the audience which I take as a good sign that my research will be of interest to others.
Here is my presentation available through Google documents:

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