10 March 2009

GENIVI and moblin?

I still have not found any solid technical description about the GENIVI platform, but some internet detective work directed me towards the homepage which has a community directed to LINUX use for in-vehicle-infotainment.
Seeing that both initiatives are open source based on Linux, that there are common members between GENIVI and moblin (i.e. Intel and Wind River) and the goals of the projects are very similar I assume the technical solution will also be similar. The moblin architecture is described here...


Anonymous said...

I believe Genivi is taking Intel's Moblin and is adding additional automotive features to it. From an architectural perspective, Moblin probably is a good approximation of Genivi

Ulrik said...

I belive you are right. Genivi mentions moblin in their FAQ: "What is Moblin and how does it relate to GENIVI?
Moblin is an open source project focused on developing software for new categories of devices such as Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and NetBooks. In partnership with GENIVI, Moblin will act as an independent distribution mechanism for the first GENIVI open source reference implementations. The combination of the Moblin and GENIVI code will provide a automotive infotainment reference implementation that takes the best from both the consumer and automotive worlds."