11 June 2010

Architecture reconstruction pt. 3

These are some random notes the students took while doing the intial reconstruction (I translated some notes in Swedish to English).
I don't know if they will finish, since the semester has ended.

Why does the camera know about the state of the Robot?
The camera, having a relative angle could not properly determine the angle of an identified object when the vehicle is, for example turning.

The event handler gets information from the wheels and sends to the camera. Now there is both idle and turn. But the camera runs the same function regardless of the message it gets, why does then turn exist?

Different ways to send states thorughut the system, some are event driven and some are conditional.
Naming standard and file structure are not the same throughout the system.
The protocol files were located in different places.
The fact that the different modules use different architectures is OK since the circumstances for them are very different.
The name OS of one of the applications on the Arduino Mega is not very suitable since it is situated at the top of the hierarchy.

"Trust is good, control is better" - a quote from a former architect colleague of mine which the students liked enough to write down

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