16 June 2010

Lindholmen Software Development Day 2010

Lindholmen Software Development Day is a yearly free get-together for local "software developers, managers, project managers and business developers" here at the north river shore in Göteborg. The theme for this year is
  • Perspectives on and analyses of the changing market situation
  • Software development philosophies supporting the changed situation
  • Discipline Integration challenges and solutions, e.g., in H/W-S/W codesign
  • Processes, Methods or tools to improve speed, efficiency, or quality
  • Experience reports from new ways of working

I was asked by some people at Volvo Cars to present something relevant to us, and after some thought the topic of my talk would be "The future of automotive software engineering". Not pretentious at all...
Here is the outline I proposed. Any acceptance notification will come in August.
  • General briefing on current and future trends in automotive software engineering
    • Exponential increase in size, complexity, innovations, …
    • Cycle times are dictated by what?
  • Industry-wide ways to cope
    • Standardisation
    • Model-based development
    • Architecture
  • Soft issues
    • Knowledge and maturity in the industry
    • How to earn money?
  • Some examples (from Sweden)

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