14 February 2011

Infotainment systems news

I have been more involved in development of infotainment systems this year. BMW demonstrates what they call ConnectedDrive and Ford updates their Sync system to what they call myFord Touch

Compared to the amount of information at the links above there is very little about the comparable 2010 Volvo infotainment system at the official Volvo website. Note that the BMW is just a concept vehicle, while the Volvo system in in production, and still has less information about it on the web.

When the car gets connected, it also gets exposed: Telematics and security: Protecting the connected car

Therer are some interesting news about some major players as well: Nokia announce a strategic partnership with Microsoft on 11 February. I have no idea how this will affect Meego and GENIVI. Time will tell...
On the other hand there was a lot of activity around GENIVI at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. And GENIVI is based on Meego...

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