23 February 2011

Jävla skitsystem!

Pardon the Swedish!

The heading is actually the title of a Swedish book about how people can be stressed in a digital working environment. I think this is one of the most important books written about IT-systems and the problems they can bring on a personal level for the people who are forced to using them. Too bad is is not translated to English (yet?).
It is not a technical book, the primary audience are people using IT systems, secondly it is targeted at people planning and buying IT systems. It systematically lists 8 major stress factors and what can be done about them. Not all are caused by ignorant developers...
I think it is very valuable to read for people developing systems, so much I would make it mandatory reading for students in software engineering, if only it was published in English. There is some information in English, including a short slide presentation.

You can buy the book directly at the website or at major Swedish online bookstores.

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