26 December 2012

Thesis chapter 2.6: Research questions

To study the identified problems with software development of mass-produced embedded systems,  and at least partly solve, and to achieve the goals above a set of research questions was identified:
RQ1: What are the archetypical approaches for software development in the embedded domain?
RQ1.1 What ways-of-working in an R&D organisation for mass-produced embedded systems can create new options for business?
RQ1.2: What are the key properties of architectures for mass-produced embedded systems to create  business options?
RQ1.3: How can an OEM evolve the R&D process to support a transition from a closed to an open software ecosystem?
RQ1.4: How can an embedded architecture support innovation and delivery of new features of value to the customer?
The investigation of RQ1.1 support research goal G1 of leadtime reduction. The investigation of RQ1.2 and RQ1.4 support research goals G1, G2 and G3.

The project uses automotive software as a concrete example of mass-produced embedded systems. A question which might be answered during the project is if the context for the automotive industry regarding software development is so different it demands other ways-of-working and architectures compared to other business domains?

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