30 August 2010


I have previously written about GENIVI and Moblin in this blog. I have to confess that I haven't followed the progress of either initiative.

GENIVI seems to be progressing, there is a new report on Marketing Requirements with a summary publicly available. But for an open source project it does not seem to be very open. It is interesting to note that they see themselves as different compared to a Linux platform, at least commercially.

Moblin seems to have been replaced by Meego as the in-vehicle Linux platform, with backin from Intel and Nokia. Meego had it's first release for In-Vehicle Infotainment in August this year. If I understand it correctly you can download it and run it as a infotainment system already now if you like, though I have not tried this...

I still believe that technically GENIVI will build on Moblin, or now Meego, but I cannot find anything about that on their homepage.

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