2 December 2010

Available infotainment platforms

I have previously written about various platforms for infotainment systems. I also had a slide about it in my presentation on Lindholmen Software Development day, where my point was to say that it is possible to use either a commercial platform, such as Windows Embedded Automotive or an open source such as Meego. It is a business decisions which way an OEM wants to go, not a technical.

I have probaly missed some, but here is a list of infotainment platforms available today for an OEM to build an in-vehicle infotainment system on:
  • Windows Embedded Automotive, used for example in Ford's Sync.
  • QNX Aviage
  • Mecel Betula Suite - Automotive Bluetooth Platform
  • Meego
  • GENIVI, but there is little informaiton about the techical solition on the webiste. They will most likely utilise the Meego platform.
  • Harman has an infotainment platform. They recenlty acquired AHA Mobile which probably will be integrated.
  • There are alot of notices on using Android for in-vehicle infotainment if one searches the web, but I have not been able to find any open source software based on Android for in-vehicle use.
    • Continental's Autolinq seems to be Android-based, but is not open source in the same sense as e.g. Meego, and apps must be approved (by Continental?) to be downloaded.
    • Luxoft offers LUXnet, which is also Android-based, but I cannot find any information besides a press release on their homepage.


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