2 January 2013

Thesis chapter 5: The architecture business cycle for an in-vehicle software architecture

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This section is previously published as
U. Eklund and C. M. Olsson. “A Case Study of the Architecture Business Cycle for an In-Vehicle Software Architecture”. Proceedings of the Joint Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture & European Conference on Software Architecture. Cambridge, UK: IEEE, 2009, pp. 93–100. isbn: 978-1-4244-5295-8.


This paper presents the theoretical and practical benefits from a case study using a the Architecture Business Cycle to understand the management of software architecture at an automotive manufacturer. The study was done to prepare for architectural changes driven by new technology and in the automotive business environment.
Our results show that the architecture business cycle worked well in defining the theoretical context for the study after some modifications; the architecture had to be precisely defined in the interview situation to gain more useful data rather than broad generalisations. Further contributions of the study were a deeper understanding of role of the architecture and it’s position among other artefacts in the organisation, and an increased focus on architectural issues in management meetings. The study also indirectly affected a subsequent re-organisation.


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