4 January 2013

Thesis chapter 7: Fast software development and slow embedded projects

This chapter identifies and models various approaches to develop embedded software, and relates them to two different business models.
This chapter was submitted as an article to Journal of Software: Evolution and Process in 2012.


This paper provides an overview of the problem context of software development of manufacturing-intensive embedded systems, with distinguishing factors such as the co-design of software and hardware, strong focus on manufacturing aspects, supplier involvement and safety-critical functionality.
A mapping study over existing industrial cases in literature is presented, and a model consisting of five distinct approaches to embedded software development was identified based on the study. The approaches range from "traditional" stage-gate projects foucisng on product qualities and large integration efforts, to fast development in short loops by autonomous teams based on a composable software platform.
The model was evaluated and elucidated by three empirical cases from a Swedish company.

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