10 January 2013

Thesis chapter 12.1: Research and design goals

The thesis project identified three goals for an original equipment manufacturer aspiring to be world leading in software development:
  • G1: Minimise leadtime from idea to delivery of new software features.
  • G2: The ability to frequently deliver new software features to end customers
  • G3: Decoupling of software development from hardware and mechanical development, both in time and by the design dependencies
These goals led to the need to study, and at least partly solve, problems with software development of mass-produced embedded systems. Based on this following research questions was defined:
  • RQ1: What are the archetypical approaches for software development in the embedded domain?
  • RQ1.1: What ways-of-working in an R&D organisation for mass-produced embedded systems can create new options for business?
  • RQ1.2: What are the key properties of architectures for mass-produced embedded systems to create business options?
  • RQ1.3: How can an OEM evolve the R&D process to support a transition from a closed to an open software ecosystem?
  • RQ1.4: How can an embedded architecture support innovation and delivery of new features of value to the customer?

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